Avast VPN NZ

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Jurisdiction: Czech Republic | Audit: No | Apps for: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone | Simultaneous connections: 1 or 5 | Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox | Advanced Features: Smart VPN, Kill Switch

Total servers: 700+ Servers in 34 Countries| Servers in New Zealand: Yes | Servers in Australia: Yes

Every VPN is different thanks to unique features and benefits with each service. When you’re searching for the right VPN, you have to figure out what features are most necessary for you. First, decide what activities you are most likely to take part in, like streaming or torrenting, and then find the VPN to help you accomplish them.

While Avast VPN is a popular choice for many, that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Below are some major pros and cons of the privacy network.


Created by the respected cybersecurity firm
Integrates With Avast Online Protection
Easy to Find and Understand Privacy Policy
Fast Connection Speeds


Limited Customization
No Third-Party Audit
Some Logs are Keep

Avast VPN NZ Review

The internet can be a fantastic place full of useful information, helpful videos, and interesting facts. Nevertheless, there are plenty of dangers on the internet, especially concerning security.

VPNs, or virtual private networks, work to keep you and your personal data safe. While there are numerous VPN options available, Avast is a popular choice for many. Does it provide the utmost safety and privacy to its users? In this Avast VPN NZ review, we’ll look at the various features and aspects of the Avast services.

About Avast VPN

Avast VPN is part of Avast Software s.r.o. a multinational cybersecurity company. It was formed in 1988 as an antivirus company but has since become a complete cybersecurity suite. Along with the Secureline VPN, they also make and support Avast Antivirus, Avast Breach Guard, Avast Antitrack, and Avast Secure Browser. They also own AVG, another internet security company. AVG provides a VPN, which is similar to Secureline.

The company is located in the Czech Republic, which means that they have to follow Czech laws. The Czech Republic has a good reputation for privacy, but there have been occasions where Avast has given information to the third-parties upon request. Avast does keep some logs on times of usage. Logs, even of times, can cause concerns for people who are looking for privacy.

Third-Party Audit

Many VPN companies receive and publish a third-party audit. These audits substantiate the claims that the VPN makes about their protection, security, and record keeping. Without an audit, customers are left to take the VPN’s claims on faith alone.

Unfortunately, Avast NZ VPN doesn’t have a third-party audit.

Information About Avast VPN’s Privacy

Even without the audit, Avast is very transparent about its privacy policy. However, without the audit, we still may only be getting the information they want to release.

There are many services on a VPN that don’t need a third-party to verify. You know when you are bypassing other networks, getting good connection speeds, and gaining access to out of region media. These are all tangible benefits of the VPN. If these are the features you are looking for, and privacy is a lesser concern, a third-party audit is not needed.


Avast VPN offers its customers an array of features that are designed to make their online experience better. These features work by increasing protection and limiting aggravation. Here are some of the most useful features that the Avast Secureline VPN offers.

Easy to Use

Avast VPN was made to be used by everyone. It is quick and easy to install and activate. Even if you have never used a VPN, this system will give you privacy and security with almost no effort.

OpenVPN and OpenSSL Protocol

Protocols are the systems that VPNs use to move data through the internet. It secures the information and helps keep it private. Avast Secureline VPN uses two of the most well-regarded protocols in the VPN community, OpenVPN and OpenSSL.

Using open-source protocols means a very large community has tested these protocols. Avast VPN has integrated these protocols in a specific way that adds features and usefulness, but the base protocols are known for their trusted and transparent privacy protocols.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Avast VPN allows you to use unlimited bandwidth. Many VPNs, especially free options, limit how much data you can use by the day or month. Avast VPN never limits your connection speed so you will always be able to use the full speed your current server can achieve. Bandwidth is crucial if you want to stream media or download things on a peer to peer network.

Fast Speeds

When you connect with the Avast VPN network, you can achieve speeds of up to 2 Gbits/s. This maximum speed is only achieved if numerous factors converge. However, when stress-tested, the average was between 450-600 Mbits/s. That is a fantastic speed for a VPN and will allow you to browse, watch, and download without a problem.


A 256-bit AES encryption helps secure all data that is coming into and leaving your VPN. Encryption helps stop malicious third-parties from being able to use your information against you. Even if someone can bypass other security features, the data they get will be useless because it was encrypted.

Hide Your IP Address

Your IP address can give away a lot of information about you. It can tell your location, address, name, credit history, and much more in the wrong hands. There are times when you would want to keep this hidden. With your Avast VPN, you can hide your IP address, making you more private on the internet.

Use a Single Shared IP Address

Whenever you or anyone else access a server on the network, you get the same IP address. If someone does find your IP address, it will be the same one used by many of the VPNs customers. The IP will not give away your information. It gives information on the server you are connected to, which has no ties to you. They will not be able to distinguish you from the crowd.

Avoid Network Restrictions

Using Avast VPN, you can get around network restrictions that are imposed by a third party. Places that can restrict your information include work and school networks that can block useful material by accident. Just log on to your VPN and gain access to any site or app you need to use.

Avast VPN can also help you avoid speed throttling by your ISP. Often your provider tracks your IP address to impose data limits. With a VPN, you will be able to use your internet at top speeds without restrictions.

Smart VPN

Smart VPN will choose your server automatically. It will help you access the fastest option out there when you log on. The whole process can be automatic, or you can pick your location if you want a specific country or city. This convenience helps make Avast VPN easy to use.

You can also connect to your VPN automatically whenever you access the internet. Connecting automatically helps prevent you from forgetting to turn on your VPN, which is a common mistake made by VPN users. The system can only protect you when it is on. This feature keeps you safer, with fewer steps.

Integrate Other Avast Services

The Avast VPN NZ works well as a stand-alone service. However, if you already use the other Avast security systems, like Avast Antivirus, Avast VPN integrates seamlessly for added protection. It is built right into Avast web browser, meaning you don’t have to add another extension if you use Secure Browser.

Kill Switch

Sometimes when you’re online, something can affect your VPN network. Losing connection can leave you exposed, especially at inconvenient times. If your VPN ever goes down, a kill switch disconnects you from the internet. The kill switch can save your data from falling into the wrong hands.

If you want to continue using the internet even without the VPN, you can go in and manually turn off the kill switch and keep browsing, but you will know that the VPN is off, which helps you make better decisions while online.

What Systems Does Avast VPN Work with?

Avast VPN New Zealand works on a variety of operating systems. The company has specific apps, and it also offers web browser extensions. Avast also provides a web browser that was built around its VPN. Here are the systems that can use Avast Secureline VPN.


A dedicated app for your system is the easiest and most comprehensive way to use Avast VPN on your device. Just download the app, install it, log in, and it is ready to use. You can customize it more, or you can use the automatic settings. There are dedicated apps for the following systems.

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android

As long as your system uses one of these operating systems, you will be able to use your Avast VPN. These devices include smart TVs and streaming devices powered by Android. If you’re not sure, search for the Avast app in your device’s App store.

Browser Extensions

Avast also offers browser extensions, which are additional security features designed for your specific browser. You can download these and activate them in your extension store. Currently, you can get browser extensions for the following.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Avast also offers Secure Browser. This browser has the Avast VPN built right into it. You can get the Avast Secure Browser by itself or as an option if you decide to use the whole Avast security suite. It is a useful way to integrate the Avast system on your device.

Manual Setup Guides

If you have any trouble installing and using your Avast VPN, there are many manual and automatic setup guides. The company prides itself on how user friendly it is. There are guides for downloading and installing all the different apps for each operating system and both extensions on the website.

If you are still having trouble even after those guides, contact their 24/7 tech support. They will be able to help you install and use the VPN. There are also email contacts and message boards dedicated to Avast and Avast VPN. These can all help answer your questions about the service.

Servers Network

Avast VPN offers customers 700 servers spread over 34 countries. You can pick from multiple cities in some countries, including the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, and Spain. This variety gives you plenty of locations to use when you want to access region-specific material. These options can be beneficial for seeing specific sporting and live events.

Servers in New Zealand

If you are out of New Zealand for vacation or work, you will be able to log in to servers located there. Servers in Auckland, New Zealand, will give you access to all the TV, Streaming, and live events that you would be able to watch at home. This access can be extremely useful when you want to watch Rugby and other sporting events.

Avast Vpn NZ speed is a great feature that helps make this service useful for New Zealand residents. With one of the fastest VPN options, you will gain all the benefits of a VPN but not suffer from a slowdown that some of the higher security options will have. It is a good blend of speed and security that makes it very useful.


One of the most common uses of VPNs is streaming content from places that are different from your physical location. This ability can help you avoid regional restrictions on media. If you are in a foreign country, you can still watch familiar shows and events.

Recently Netflix has started using systems to try and stop this practice of streaming from a VPN. They are having limited success in blocking some catalogs. Currently, you can’t use New Zealand’s Netflix Library on the VPN, but you still have access to the US, UK, and Norway.

Other streaming services, like Hulu, and HBO Max, still work. Keep in mind, though, that all the services are attempting to stop this feature, so you may want to check and make sure the programs you are most interested in will be available with your VPN.


Avast NZ VPN offers many servers that are made for peer to peer sharing, or P2P. The servers that allow this are clearly marked on your server selection screen. These torrenting servers are located in the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, New York, Miami, Seattle, the UK, and France. With unlimited bandwidth and fast connection speeds, torrenting will be easy.

Torrenting and P2P sharing is made much safer and more convenient with Avast VPN. By hiding your IP address, you avoid sharing more than just the file with other people as you share data. The kill switch allows you to leech and seed files without concern because if you ever lose connection with the VPN, you will stop transferring data, keeping your information safe.


There are many options other than Avast VPN in NZ. You can choose from VPNs that offer all sorts of features for New Zealand. Some of these alternative options are larger than Avast, and many are much smaller. Some have whole suites of security, just like Avast, and others focus solely on their VPN. Here are two of the best-known alternatives to Avast VPN.


Surfshark is a large VPN. It offers users more servers and more server locations. You can also use unlimited devices at the same time, as compared to Avast VPN’s five devices. Surfshark also has a no-log system. The no-log claim has been supported by an independent audit that Surfshark passed.

There are a few places that Surfshark doesn’t excel. Though both VPNs allow torrenting, Surfshark has no P2P specific servers. Surfshark is also less user friendly. It requires more setup. Some VPN novices have trouble using it.



NordVPN is one of the largest and most well-known VPN providers out there. It offers more servers and more locations than Avast VPN. It gives customers extra security features, especially when using The Onion Router (TOR). It provides additional encryptions and a Double VPN option that makes it even more private. It also has passed a third-party audit.

The biggest downside to NordVPN is that it has limited features in New Zealand. There is no access to double VPN or dedicated IP servers offered on that server. Without these features, it limits the usefulness of NordVPN. It can also slow down at peak hours of countries you are trying to access.


Of course, one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a VPN is the price. Knowing how much the service cost will play a part in deciding if the VPN is right for you.

Avast VPN offers one, two, or three-year subscriptions and various device connections, each service with a different price. Thankfully, they let you try the service out for free and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Free Trial

If you are curious about Avast VPN NZ and want to try it out, they offer a credit card free seven-day trial. You download, install, and run the VPN. Use it for seven days and find out if it works right for you. If you want to continue using it, you can then buy a plan. If not, just remove the program. No canceling is required.


If you decide to get the full package, you will have to choose how many devices you want and your time frame. If you pick one device, you can get the one year plan for $4.99 a month charged in one payment of $59.88 ($42.41 US), two years at $3.99 a month for a total of $95.76 ($67.82 US), or three years at $3.99 a month of a total of $143.64 ($101.73 US).

If you want up to five devices, the price changes to $5.99 a month for a total of $71.88 ($59.88 US) for one year, $4.99 a month for a total of $119.76 ($95.76 US) for two years, or $4.99 a month for $179.64 (143.64) for three years. There are no US plans for one device, so the US values are determined by the current exchange rate. For the five devices, the prices are given by Avast VPN directly.

When you purchase a package, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee is on top of your seven-day free trial. You have 37 days in total to try the service. If you find you are not happy with Avast VPN, you can stop the service and get a full refund in the first month.


Avast VPN NZ is a very easy-to-use service. It is perfect for new VPN users or people who don’t fully understand how to use VPNs. It installs on many different devices and offers security, privacy, and other features that can help you navigate the internet better. The services mix safety and speed to give customers a very versatile experience.

Avast doesn’t have as many customizable options for the users. Its popularity has made it a target of streaming services like Netflix to block Avast VPN from using region-specific content.

Avast VPN can be used on its own or integrated with other Avast security systems to give users even more protection on their devices. Connect up to five of your devices at one time, and gain better privacy and protection on all of them, including many smart TVs. It can help keep you safer online with every use.


If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to read the whole Avast VPN Review, the following questions will give you a great overview.