How to Watch Kayo Sports In NZ

how to watch kayo sports in nz

If you’re a sports fan living in New Zealand or thinking of travelling to New Zealand, you have probably wondered, “Does Kayo work in NZ?” Kayo Sports is a fantastic, over-the-top video streaming subscription service available in Australia, owned by Streamotion. The service offers sports live and on-demand.

An over-the-top (OTT) media service is a media streaming service offered directly to viewers through the internet. You can access these services via a variety of usual devices and OS.

Unfortunately, Kayo Sports isn’t available in NZ. However, if you’re searching for an easy guide to watch Kayo Sports outside Australia, then you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we’re going to answer the following questions:

  • Can I watch Kayo sports in New Zealand?
  • Does Kayo even work outside Australia?
  • Kayo basic vs. premium
  • How to watch Kayo sports outside Australia?
kayo sports nz

What Does Kayo Have?

Kayo Sports is the premier Australian sports streaming service owned by Streamotion. Thanks to its partnerships with Foxtel, it’s quickly become the number one sports channel in the world. 

They offer over 50 different live and on-demand sports channels. The platform allows you to stream Fox Sports, ESPN NZ,, beIN Sports, and other engaging content. 

Kayo Sports treats clients fairly and doesn’t lock you into frustrating, lengthy contracts. The basic package is 25 dollars per month with a free 14-day trial period. The Premium plan costs 35 dollars per month with a similar 2-week offer.

After signing up, the company allows you to terminate your subscription without getting penalized. Kayo Sports offers a wide range of sports options. Here’s a comprehensive list showing what you can watch on Kayo Sports: 

  • AFL.
  • Cricket.
  • Football: Hyundai A-League, Champions League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga.
  • Tennis: World Tennis.
  • NRL.
  • NBL.
  • Formula 1.
  • Supercars.
  • Golf.
  • Rugby Union: Super Rugby.
  • Surfing. 
  • NFL.
  • Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.
  • Squash and so much more.

It’s clear why Kayo Sports is the number one sports streaming service in Australia. You’ll never miss out on memorable sporting events as the platform offers back-to-back action. 

You can even record an ongoing game to watch later. For stats nerds, Kayo Sports has an interactive statistics feature, where live stats are displayed while watching a game alongside other vital insights.

How Can I Access Kayo Sports?

The one drawback is that you can’t watch Kayo Sports outside Australia. That said, Kayo Sports NZ doesn’t yet exist. 

So, if you want to watch Kayo Sports events overseas while travelling, you’ll need a premium Virtual Private Network (VPN) that offers Australian servers. Numerous premium VPN services can help you watch Kayo Sports in New Zealand.

Do not use free VPNs. It’s best not to trust free VPNs as they have insufficient servers, bandwidth, and features. This guide will cover how to use a VPN to watch Kayo Sports outside Australia.

How Can a VPN Help You Watch Kayo NZ?

A virtual private network (VPN) masks and encrypts your internet details and browsing data to protect you from malicious third parties. It takes your existing IP address from your internet provider and gives you a new one in a chosen country.

By using a VPN that offers an Australian server, you can stream the Kayo Sports app. All your internet usage is routed via an Australian server in Melbourne or Sydney before going out to the web, convincing Kayo that you reside there. 

By bouncing your VPN through a foreign ISP, you can gain access to various servers worldwide. 

It’s paramount to use a trusted VPN provider. Otherwise, you might unknowingly install spyware. When using a VPN to watch Kayo Sports in New Zealand, you need one that offers breakneck speeds, full service, and plenty of Australian servers. 

Best VPNs for Watching Kayo Sports in NZ

Below are some of the best VPN NZ service providers. You can easily subscribe to them using circumvent geo-restrictions and gain access to Kayo Sports outside Australia.

ExpressVPN: Best Premium VPN


ExpressVPN has over 3,000 high-speed servers in approximately 94 countries, including New Zealand and Australia. With these services, you’ll enjoy stable connections and high speeds for streaming all Kayo Sports content within the region. Your privacy is vital, so make use of ExpressVPN features a no-logs-ever policy.

Surfshark: Cheapest VPN


Surfshark has over 1700+ servers spread across 63 countries and is undoubtedly the best selection for watching Kayo Sports Australia internationally. 

By getting a subscription for unlimited devices, you’ll enjoy rewarding benefits such as sharing your package with your family using only a single subscription.

The Surfshark VPN app is compatible with a wide range of devices.

NordVPN: The Most Trusted VPN Option


NordVPN is trusted worldwide for its military level-level encryption for your protection. Your usage of streaming services will be private. Its 5,700 high-speed servers spanning about 59 countries, including Australia and New Zealand, offer high operating speeds as well as stable connections. 

It’s perfect for streaming Kayo Sports NZ. With budget-priced plans, you get to access Kayo Sports in New Zealand.

PureVPN: Smartest Option Financially

PureVPN is hailed as the wisest option financially that you can find in the market presently with its affordable deals; this includes a two-year plan of as low as 2.91 dollars each month. 

CyberGhost VPN: VPN With Most Servers


CyberGhost offers excellent features that give you an easy time while navigating through your VPN. With one click, you get 256-bit encryption for your privacy. Other noteworthy features like an automatic malware checker and the Kill Switch help protect your connections. 

Cyberghost VPN also features quality, high-speed connections that allow you to operate at fast speeds while streaming services online.

Step-by-Step Guide to Watching Kayo Sports In New Zealand

By following the steps below, you’ll catch your favourite team’s match as it happens live.

  1. Registration. Sign up for a VPN account using your email address and name. Ensure that the VPN service is compatible with the devices you want to use.
  2. Subscription. Choose a plan that fits your financial profile. Most service providers provide a basic, medium and premium plan.
  3. Installation. Next, set up the VPN application on your MAC, PC, iOS or Android devices. Some VPNs even offer a browser extension.
  4. Log In. While paying for the service, you registered your email address, name and password. The login details forwarded to your email address aid you in logging in through the downloaded app. Don’t worry about remembering your password for all the VPNs. The platform automatically registers your details for straightforward navigation in the future.
  5. Choose a server. Activating your VPN allows it to change your IP address. Choose an Australian server for this and bypass the geo-restriction. Additionally, the VPN service provider can automatically choose the optimal location for you.

Select Your Kayo Sports Account Plan

With your new IP address, navigate to the Kayo Sports website. Choose between the basic or premium option from the home page. Once done, you can enjoy watching your Kayo Sports content like any Australian!

Note: You need to have an Australian phone number to open a Kayo Sports account in New Zealand. You can ask someone living in Australia to help you out if you don’t own one.

A second option is to purchase an Australian sim online. Several websites, such as, provide this service; you’ll need to activate the card before using it. 

A third option is to rent a virtual Australian phone number from It will be delivered via SMS, after which you can subscribe to Kayo Sports and stop using it.

Kayo Sports Streaming Platform—What Do I Watch?

If you have a VPN, Kayo NZ can help you stream over 50 sports live events anytime you want; there’s a channel for everything. Some cool features include watching a channel either in SplitView or Kayo Mini. 

Kayo Sports also allows you to peruse game stats and critical moments in high definition. The Kayo sports app works well with various devices, including Apple TV, Mac, PC, Android TV, Chromecast, mobile, tablet, and even Telstra TV.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Kayo Sports Work in NZ?

Kayo Sports is geo-tagged to Australia; you require a VPN to make it work in New Zealand. 

Can I Watch Kayo Sports Outside Australia?

Yes. You can use Kayo Sports from anywhere if you use a VPN with an Australian IP. Without a VPN, you will receive an error saying the service is not available in your country.

Can I Watch Kayo On a Smart TV?

You’re significantly disadvantaged if you own a Samsung TV that runs on the Tizen OS. Don’t throw out your TV just yet; Kayo is planning on adding support for a wide range of Smart TVs soon.

Does Kayo Work on Xbox One?

Yes, Kayo works on Xbox One. However, you’ll heavily depend on the Microsoft Edge browser as there’s no Kayo app currently available for Xbox One. 

Does Android TV Support Kayo?

Kayo Sports is currently compatible with Android TV, but only devices running OS 7.0 and above. Kayo also works with additional Android-supported TV devices like NVIDIA SHIELD, Xiaomi Mi Box and Asus Nexus Player.

Can You Chromecast Kayo Sports?

Yes, you can watch Kayo sports via Chromecast. Kayo recommends using Chromecast Ultra for a quality streaming experience.

Can You Watch EPL on Kayo?

Kayo Sports doesn’t have the English Premier League’s licensing rights. However, you can enjoy watching other international leagues like La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, etc.

Kayo Basic vs. Premium—What’s the Difference?

Kayo Basic and Kayo Premium’s main difference is that the premium version offers three simultaneous streams, while the basic one provides two. Otherwise, they have the same content.

Is Kayo Worth the Money?

New Zealanders are supposed to purchase a Spark Sports subscription and get one more subscription with Bein Sports. Should they also want to, they can get AFL—another Sky subscription. That can’t be said for Kayo Sports, as a single monthly subscription costs only 25 dollars and offers so much content. So, yes. Kayo Sports is definitely worth the money as their platform is a one-stop solution for sports coverage. 

How Can I Stop Kayo Buffering Issues?

Buffering issues may arise if you try accessing Kayo Sports’ coverage on an incompatible device. Try selecting a compatible device to see if you’re facing universal buffering hassles or not. Check your stream’s quality and adjust it to deal with buffering problems. You can also check your internet connection speed through speed testing tools. If all else fails, you can restart your modem.

How Much Data Does Kayo Sports Use?

If you stream content in 720p, Kayo Sports uses 2.5GB of data per viewing hour. If using 1080p, Kayo Sports uses 3.25GB per viewing hour. The SplitView feature allows you to watch two games simultaneously but uses twice as much data.


Watching Kayo Sports has never been this simple. You don’t have to worry anymore about how to go about watching your Kayo Sports content. While it might be difficult for non-Australians to view Kayo Sports content, a VPN can get you there. 

Follow the simple steps outlined in this article and enjoy watching the best of Kayo Sports in NZ.